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IN-GAME UPDATE 06/02/2021

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Update 06/02/2021



- Fixed/removed the achievements that arent working
- Added the new ring of luck providing 12,5% increased drop rate (showcasing on a Legendary account here)



- Removed theresa from varrock (she sold trivia items)
- Changed the dzone anti auto click teleport location
- Fixed item forging for abyssal tentacle
- Gave support + the ability to do ::spawnwyrm, ::spawntree, ::spawnstar
- Added draining defence functionality to dragon warhammer, statius warhammer
- Nerfed jad's defence
- Ring of recoil should now work properly
- NPC/Bosses no longer heal up rapidly after not attacking them 5 sec > 50 sec 
- All berets can now be worn
- Fixed all slayer helm bonusses (all colors etc)
- Zamorakian spear gave double hits on corp, has been fixed
- Changed prices of snapdragon herb & seed
- Fixed builder legs
- Changed loading bar color to match our logo
- added a FFA event for event purposes
- Fixed lever at wildy tping into dzone
- improved client speed drastically
- Added hotkey ESC to close interfaces
- You can now purchase max cape + max hood at home, this will also complete the maxed achievement
- Added prices to slayer shop, some had no price
- Added presets in bank




- Fixed void inventory stats
- Changed the prices of Chaotic items at dung store, as we also have x2 days now
- Balanced out loop / half of a key
- Increased amount of slayer boss task from Summona
- Added vesta gear to donor shop
- Added ankou OSRS data 
- Added ankou set to the donor shop
- Fixed achievement texts
- Fixed teleport interface not working properly and made a new section Wildy bosses
- Trivia : What trees do you cut for magic logs Answer magic >> Magic tree
- Fixed double pest control day, actually giving x2 pc points
- Added the new boss Revenant Dark Beast, dropping best in slot gear:
    - Statius set
    - Vesta set
    - Morrigan set
    - Zuriel set




- Added the new boss "Mutant tarn", dropping:
    - Ring of luck
    - Amulet of torture
    - Necklace of anguish
    - Occult necklace
    - Tormented bracelet
    - Ring of suffering




- Changed the daily event scheme 
    - Monday = Double PC points
    - Tuesday = Double slay pts
    - Wednesday = Double dung pts
    - Thursday & Friday = double boss points
    - Saturday & sunday = double xp
- Cannon no longer requires 75 range to setup
- The following bosses have been buffed in magic defence
    - All GWD bosses
    - Cerberus
    - Corp
- Bandos avatar now drops noted magic logs
- The following weapons nerfs/buffs have been done:

    - Buffed twisted bow accuracy by 20%
    - Slightly nerfed magic power overal
    - Buffed ancestral set by 25%
    - Nerfed staff of light by 20%
    - Nerfed chaotic staff by 15%
    - Buffed kodai wand by 5%
    - Buffed zuriel staff by 7%
    - Nerfed trident of the swamp by 10%
    - Nerfed trident of the sea by 20%
    - Nerfed elite mage void slightly
    - Buffed Toxic staff of the dead by 10%

    - Buffed chaotic crossbow by 5%
    - Buffed Armadyl crossbow by 10%
    - Buffed dark bow by 10%
    - Nerfed new crystal bow by 5%
    - Buffed tbow by 10%

    - Korasi sword max hit buffed by 15%
    - Nerfed ags by 10%

- Added the functionality to see your increased drop rate bonus in inventory
- Added a new drop interface including:
    - Item drop 
    - Npc drops
    - ::what drops item name
    - ::checkdrops npc name
    - Automatically changes droprate by wearing ROW,Ring of Luck or according to your game mode



- Added Bank placeholders



- Added a new achievement interface with custom rewards for each achievements






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