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IN-GAME UPDATE 19/01/2021

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Update 19/01/2021


X Fixed left click npc attack option for higher levels
X Smithing experience was fixed
X Removed bonecrusher from shops
X Combining items to create eternal boots didn't work, has been fixed
X Fixed droptable rates
X Fixed whip droprate
X Made skilling pets more rare
X Boss pt store 
    - Changed frost drag bones price to 1 boss pt
    - Tooth half & loops changed to 10 pts each
    - Added dragonkin lamp

    - Added imbued capes

    - Added vorkath's head
X Nerfed chaotic wapens as they were too strong compared to other items 
X Buffed blowpipe in max hit & accuracy by 25%
X Added blowpipe in donator store
X Buffed elite void
X Temporary disabled barrows as it's bugged
X Added assembler, assembler max cape, ava max cape functionality
X Vengeance now works at all locations
X Fixed not working runecrafting robes 
X Removed small/medium pouches from stardust shop as theyre not fully functioning 
X Increased max binds of dung to 5 
X Temporary removed the perk of keeping caskets as a donator
X Nerfed pest control pts per game as it was too much
X Buffed thieving stalls at dzone in gp /steal 
X Max cape tradable 
X Remove Nex from boss task

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