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Rewards for achievements

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We're happy to see that the server is growing steadily, therefore we're rewarding these players that stay with us.

We'll be rewarding it based on certain total levels or even maxing out (based on the gamemode). 


Player mode : Easy

Reward : Mystery box

Requirement : Maxed, 50h playtime + 60 achievements


Player mode : Hard

Reward : Super mbox

Requirement: Maxed, 100h playtime + 60 achievements


Player mode : Extreme

Reward : Mysterybox + super mysterybox

Requirement : 2k total level + 150h playtime + 60 achievements


Player mode : Legendary

Reward : Extreme mbox

Requirement: 2k total level + 200h playtime + 60 achievements done


If you've met the requirements, please post a screenshot of ur total level + achievement points + gametime on forums. Rewards will be given once confirmed by Ruse.


We're aware that some of the achievements can't be done at the moment, we're working on it. Please note that the following achievements won't be taken into account & won't work ;


Easy task :

- Enter the Lottery

- Set an Email adress


Medium task:

- Enter the lottery three times

- Defeat Noman

- Defeat 10 players
- Reach a killstreak of 50


Hard tasks

- Defeat Nex

- Defeat 30 players

- Reach a killstreak of 10


Elite tasks

- Unlock all loyalty titles

- Reach level 99 in all skills.



Goodluck everyone ! 🙂 

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