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IN-GAME UPDATE 15/01/2021

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Update 15/01/2021


- Buffed melee by x1,35
- Lowered the prices of master capes/max capes etc

- Tweaked corp drops
- Fixed voting
- Fixed barrows bug where people wouldnt get drops
- Increased pts per slayer task
- Wearing slayer cape now gives you +2 slay pts
- Added crystal chest
- Added many crystal chest drops

- Added drops to Zulrah
- Buffed mysterious log price
- Fixed double medium drops bug
- Added xp rates at registration
- Fixed rfd quest teleport

- Added flaming skulls including particles
- Changed well of goodwill message
- Fixed slay master not working
- Nerfed RCB
- Added new staff commands
- Removed the thief stall next to dzone

- Added earth runes to magic store
- Fixed home teleport
- Fixed some server sentences
- Made gamble shop non-member and lowered prices for gambling bag and mithril seeds
- Made mbox openings messages appear in world
- Removed level up interface on levels
- Buffed elite void and fixed void for mage
- Fixed dfs features
- Added all mboxes to voting shop
- Added boss point shop npc, functionality will follow next update
- Removed particles from regular max cape
- Added sled particles

- Added Neitiznot faceguard (can be obtained from extreme mbox)
- Fixed slash bash location
- Lowered prices of trivia shop
- Made the drop interface more appealing and now shows what npc drops you are looking at

- Fixed pets in bank bug
- Added fully working Scythe of vitur (can be obtained from extreme mbox)



- Added box of health at home to quickly heal



- Fully update the new home area at edge








- Added boss points shop, bosses give 1/2/3 pts according to their difficulty






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